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History unveils the beauty of Verona.

When you visit Verona, you’ll discover traces of the Roman city, signs of the rule of the Scaligeri, Venetian influences and her Austrian past.

Feeling romantic? Follow a Shakespearean itinerary and visit the places of the legendary love story of Romeo and Juliet.

Don’t miss a visit to the churches, which are the architectural, artistic and historical heritage of the city.

Do you want a unique experience? We’ll help you book a tour by plane to fly over the city, Lake Garda and the hills.

The towns around Lake Garda

The towns around Lake Garda

Every town that overlooks the lake has the soul of a beautiful medieval village, thanks to the influence of the Scaligeri in the Middle Ages, whose power extended to these little towns.

Do not miss:

    • Il Vittoriale a Gardone Riviera
      Here lived the poet Gabriele D'Annunzio; visit the museum, the park, the villa and the outdoor theatre.
    • La Rocca di Manerba
      A bluff overlooking the lake, with a gorgeous panoramic view of the surrounding area.
    • The "Terrazzo del Brivido" at Tremosine
      Suspended at a breathtaking 350 metres above the lake, the view from this terrace is not to be missed. After an exciting climb, you’ll be rewarded with the breathtaking scenery of narrow gorges, waterfalls and streams.
    • Sirmione
      Located near the tip of a narrow peninsula that juts out into Lake Garda, this pretty little town offers an enchanting atmosphere. Like Verona, it has Roman origins and traces of Scaliger, Venetian and Austrian influences.
      A short walk will bring you to the Roman villa and thermal baths at the Grotto of Catullus.
    • La rocca del Garda
      A spur of rock overlooking the lake, its surroundings and romantic San Vigilio.
      Along the path to reach the top, you’ll see the Hermitage of Camaldoli, a place of prayer and silence.
    • Torri del Garda
      Dominated by the Scaliger castle, picturesque alleys in the old town retain a medieval flavour.
    • Malcesine The houses of this charming village climb from the shores of the lake up to the ridge of Monte Baldo.
      Don’t miss the Scaliger castle, which hosts the annual world championships of cliff diving.
    • Riva del Garda
      A little town located in the far north corner of the lake. In addition to the beauty of the village, enjoy excursions to nearby Lake Tenno and Lake Ledro with the waterfalls of Varone.
      Don’t miss a chance to be enchanted by the town’s famous "Fairy Tale Night" at the end of August. Celebrate the end of summer with a huge party including music, dance, and street theatre that culminates in a spectacular fireworks display on the lake.
Mantua (Mantova)

Mantua (Mantova)

During the Renaissance, the strong>Gonzaga made Mantua a centre of beauty and art, so that the Ducal Palace became one of the most magnificent courts on the continent and the envy of Europe.

Don’t miss the Palazzo Tè: a villa of idleness and leisure for the dukes, created by Giulio Romano, a student of Raphael.

The charm of Mantua, surrounded by lakes, carries over to its scenic squares and churches.

The city offers wonderful bike rides on the banks of small lakes, along the Mincio River and in the surrounding countryside.

Cruise along the Mincio River up to the Po River and arrive in Venice.

Don’t miss a chance to sample Mantuan cuisine, its delicious flavours reflecting history and tradition.



It takes just a little over an hour to reach the most famous water city in the world.

How can you resist the thrill of wandering the narrow streets between centuries-old palaces, where time has stopped, getting lost between one bridge and the next, discovering churches, seeing paintings and sculptures of stunning beauty, finally arriving Saint Mark’s square, where the cathedral, the bell tower, the Doge’s Palace burst with incomparable majesty?